MIST was founded in 2017 as an independent design atelier focusing on local brands. Our design approach is gentle and subtle rather than loud and overt. We are used to get to the bottom of a thing, and creating designs from fresh perspectives to evoke emotional resonance and make a profound impact on individuals.



Visualizing the Invisible

The core of our work is to identify the fundamental nature of a thing and visualizing the invisible in a new perspective. Rather than solving a problem itself, we focus more on how to formulate the right questions, which enables us to stay focused on the right direction and the core issue.

Design for the Sympathy

Empathy is the way we observe the world. We are committed to creating designs that resonate with value, focusing on people's emotional changes and real experiences in space, and creating a rich sensory experience at key points.

Aesthetics MEETS Technical

We excel in concise, delicate, thorough and subtle design aesthetics. Moreover, our years of working experience in top design firms both domestically and internationally equip us with a set of professional, efficient, and reliable skills and workflow, enabling us to materialize boundless imaginations. Whether in constructing forms or creating content, we always incorporate both aesthetics and technology as two gears to solve problems.